Levels of EMS Care and EMS Services

In an emergency timing and skills are critical. You need rapid response and care from well-trained personnel until you reach the hospital. Genesis Community Ambulance provides the prompt response and skilled, experienced personnel who make a difference during a medical emergency.

To assure quality of our personnel, the certified emergency medical technicians and paramedics who are members of the Genesis Community Ambulance team undergo stringent testing prior to employment. In addition to state-required training, ongoing educational programs aid personnel in maintaining skills and learning the latest advancements in emergency medical treatment.

All vehicles are fully stocked with the appropriate equipment and supplies. Our equipment meets or exceeds state requirements and daily inspections of the equipment and vehicles are conducted to insure safety.

Genesis Community Ambulance is licensed by the State of Ohio to provide emergency medical service

Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Emergency and non-emergency ambulance transportation
  • Equipped for general first-aid and oxygen administration
  • Equipped with Automated External Defibulator (AED)

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Equipped for Basic Life Support plus:

  • Cardiac monitoring
  • Advanced airway management
  • IV and drug administration

Special Event and Support Service Coverage

  • Coverage at special events can be arranged by calling Genesis Community Ambulance.

Community Service/Outreach Programs

  • Public awareness of emergency medical service and 9-1-1 and ambulance tours to educate the community before an emergency occurs.

Service Area

Genesis Community Ambulance provides services for a large portion of eastern and south-eastern Ohio, as indicated by the green section on the map to the right. To provide consistent services throughout Ohio, we've joined our affiliated Ohio ambulance companies in creating OhioSeniorTransport.com - a one stop web portal for arranging transportation across majority of the state. To find service in your area, please click on the map to the right.

Working together and working for you, Ohio Senior Transport brings together Ohio’s most dependable medical transportation companies to help you find the best possible service to fit your needs. All of our affiliated companies offer Ambulette, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Bariatric, and Specialty Care Transport to fit the level of transportation necessary for your patients.