President's Message

Quality service impacts our clients’ perspective of the type of organization we are. The challenge is to determine what our clients’ and patients’ view as quality and service excellence. Since EMS is not just a healthcare but also a logistic provider it is clear that service excellence starts with timely service for both the emergent and non-emergent patient. If an EMS provider cannot get a healthcare asset to a critical destination within a critical timeframe than the level of service provided from a delayed response is diminished from clinical outcomes to client dissatisfaction. Several other factors are relevant when attempting to achieve EMS service excellence the most obvious is medic and client interaction, the best medicine can never take the place of compassionate and respectful care especially during those times in ones life cycle that they or a family member is incapacitated because of illness or injury.

Our organization insists that all of its equipment is clean, state of the art, and safe to generate loyal from its client base because we found that the experience from a patient perspective to be reliable and comforting. Can you imagine if Disney parks were dirty and the rides unsafe? In addition to the equipment the professional image that the medic and management team depict while interacting with our clients is paramount to our clients feeling that the service they engaged is committed to quality and service excellence. Each business unit has established quality indicators that are measured each day for the purpose of adjusting operations where applicable to meet our targets if our targets are missed. Soon we will be rolling of a quality matrix dashboard that interfaces with our computer aided dispatch (CAD) that measures not by the day but by the minute so management can better adjust operations immediately vs. 24 hours later when it may be to late. We are confident that we will set the bar so to speak relative to quality and EMS service excellence over the next 12 months. It is my hope that next year we can set the bar even higher.

Greg Beauchemin
Genesis Community Ambulance

Our Philosophy

Genesis Community Ambulance is committed to providing an array of high quality, health related services of social value by conducting all operations in an atmosphere of concern, respect for human dignity, legal and ethical responsibility, and efficient management of health care resources.

Our Mission

To provide high Quality, Courteous, Prompt, and Cost Effective emergency and non-emergency treatment and transportation along with education services to health care organizations, municipalities, and the general public.

The history of Genesis Community Ambulance

In early 1994 Good Samaritan Medical Center and Bethesda Hospital, now Genesis HealthCare System, jointly agreed to co-develop an EMS system designed not only to meet the needs of the hospitals but to also serve the citizens in nearby communities with emergent medical care and transportation. While the county was well served with several Volunteer EMS services (and remains so even today), the City of Zanesville was facing the closing of two of its long time EMS providers.In 1997, Genesis HealthCare System agreed to sell 25% of Genesis Community Ambulance to Community EMS of Southfield, Michigan. Like Genesis Community Ambluance, Community EMS is a not for profit organization and owned by a healthcare system.

Throughout our existence Community EMS has been contractually responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business. Extending ownership to Community EMS seemed appropriate to ensure a long-term relationship between the two companies.

Today our service has expanded to provide services in Muskingum, Perry, Washington, Coshocton and Morgan counties. Not all of our business is EMS related though. We also provide transportation to those confined to a wheelchair through our Ambulette service. Additionally we also have developed a Courier service specifically intended to meet the needs of Genesis HealthCare System.

CAAS Accreditation

Genesis Community Ambulance understands that most companies strive for excellence and to exceed the industry standards. We believe there is a difference in striving for excellence and proving that your company actually delivers it.

Genesis Community Ambulance can proudly state that we have been recognized for our excellence and have been awarded the coveted CAAS accreditation. CAAS accreditation is not easily obtained and few EMS companies are bestowed this honor.

From CAAS:

The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America's medical transportation system.

CAAS is an independent Commission that established a comprehensive series of standards for the ambulance service industry.

CAAS accreditation signifies that your service has met the "gold standard" determined by the ambulance industry to be essential in a modern emergency medical services provider. These standards often exceed those established by state or local regulation. The CAAS standards are designed to increase operational efficiency and clinical quality, while decreasing risk and liability to the organization.

The process includes a comprehensive self-assessment and an independent external review of the EMS organization. This independent process provides verification to your Board of Directors, city council, medical community and others that quality care is provided to the community.