Welcome to Genesis Community Ambulance

At Genesis Community Ambulance, patient transport isn’t an occupation; it’s our mission – one that we take extremely seriously. Whether handling an emergency request, a facility transfer, or transporting tissue samples, results and hospital documents, we settle for nothing less than a prompt response by highly trained personnel.

Genesis Community Ambulance is a joint-venture partnership between Community EMS and Genesis HealthCare System. Genesis Community Ambulance Service is considered one of the premiere EMS systems in the stateof Ohio. Employing over 125 professionals, it is the only private EMS service headquartered in Muskingum County.

Genesis Community Ambulance currently deploys technology to provide high quality EMS and logistic management in the form of Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs), handheld field data collection devices, and Zoll 12-lead EKG monitors. Genesis Community Ambulance and its employees are among the finest in the industry, providing vital services to the cities and counties surrounding Zanesvile, Ohio.

Now Hiring in Zanesville

Genesis Community Ambulance is looking for people with strong work ethics, excellence in patient care, customer service skills and willing to be part of our team. We look for people who will grow with us as we grow. We depend on continuing development of our workforce, both as a professional and as a person.

As one of the largest EMS providers in Eastern Ohio, we offer opportunities for growth and advancement. If you work well in a team atmosphere and have the highest of standards please explore your opportunities with Genesis Community Ambulance.

Feel free to apply in person, or you can APPLY ONLINE HERE.

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Open Position Full / Part Time Location
EMT-Paramedic Full / Part Time Zanesville, OH
EMT-Basic Full / Part Time Zanesville, OH